About EasyMap

Founded in October 2003, EasyMap Digital Technology Inc. acts as the Business Incubation Center (BIC) and technology authorization center of Feng Chia University, and conducts industry-academia-technical cooperations with the university’s geographic information system research center over past decades. "Spatial information service, unmanned vehicle application, and digital integrated marketing" represent three major technical services and operation cores of the company, and it transforms the academic analysis and research of spatial information into practical applications of production capacity, and provides cross-domain integration services with smart digital technology. Meanwhile, the Company enhances the education brand of “Easy School”, uses the concept of “Easy to learn” to promote the application of geographic information technologies such as UAV, GIS, GPS, etc., and trains senior high school/vocational students and the general public for advanced studies. In line with individual learning groups, we integrate the concepts of environmental protection and space planning and are committed to the promotion and deep cultivation of education and the concept of sustainable management.

Business Mottos

Business Mottos

Total Solution x Total Service Provider

Adhering to the four core values of "excellent team x cross-domain integration x innovation breakthrough x leaping to the limit", the Company pursues the improvement of professional technology innovation and diversified integration services, and actively cultivates professional talents through industry-university cooperation, and is committed to developing more value-added technology , high-quality services that bring long-term economic benefits to the company's customers, employees and the society. At the same time, the Company links cross-domain digital integration services, and strives toward (Total Solution Provider) and (Total Service Provider) direction, expecting to rank as a leading brand of Asia Pacific Information UAV information technology application services. We firmly believe that the cross-field digital integration thinking will usher in infinite possible innovative breakthroughs eventually. And through professional, steady and practical action, combined with design thinking and marketing creativity, GIS can be popularized, bringing more abundant and perfect e-services and high corporate value to customers in the years to come.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Establishing Consensus through Pratical Reinforcement

EasyMap Digital Technology adheres to the concept of breakthrough innovation and sustainable operation, pursues "service priority, quality first", provides high-quality services with its professional technical innovation, and actively cultivates professional talents through industry-university cooperations, committing to the practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR). We also contribute to environmental protection and talent cultivation, and implement the value of "altruism and mutual benefit", and treat all stakeholders with integrity. Looking forward to building a complete community with employees, customers and social enterprises, fulfilling social responsibilities, consolidating the foundation of sustainable development of enterprises, and creating sustainable value.